i'll shut myself off from everyone to the point of insensibility. make an enemy of everyone, speak to no one.
- franz kafka, from diaries

what if i slept a little more and forgot about all this nonsense.
- franz kafka

between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.
- khalil gibran

are not the mountains, waves, and skies a part of me and of my soul, as i of them? - chidle harold's pilgrimage
- lord byron

words. words. i pay with words, hoping that some combination, even a chance combination, will say what i want.
- doris lessing

i want to be the free spirit i know i am, not limited by my anxiety or depression. i want to be independent like i feel when i walk by myself in the city. i want to look at other girls and see loveliness rather than competition. i want to be so content with who i am that i forget to consider myself at all-instead, i just exist. i want to be self-aware, to know exactly what i want and need, and to go after it without hesitation.

i want to chase the life i envision for myself.
- madisen kuhn

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