this is the about me page.

just a millennial learning html / css / eventually javascript.
i'm not good at bios and i'm constantly changing my webpages around.

i hope you enjoy my site, i'm building in it often ~

base pages
some references/resources i've used

♡ resources ♡

32-Bit Cafe's Resources List
"css cheatsheet"
w3 schools html tutorial
coolors - the super fast colors generator
unsplash - free images & pictures
icons8 - free icons
font awesome - html codes for icons
toptal - html code references for icons
FullStack - How to create a working blogging website with pure HTML, CSS and JS in 2021.

♡ references ♡

w3 schools' Google Fonts
createblog layouts for inspo
css grid garden learning game
flexbox froggy css flexbox learning game
Matuzo's HTML boilerpaint - accessibility references and explanations
css tracks - ollie williams css grid layout ref
WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools