lost & found

1/1/2024: I made 4 pages on New Years Day without any satisfying results. Design-wise, I was just unsatisfied with the work. Functionally, it was boring. C'est la vie. 1st attempt 2nd attempt 3rd attempt 4th attempt

11/6/23 I really liked this page but the background image was a bitch and it didn't really look good on mobile. But I feel like I'm getting more into the design aspect now, and it's nice to notice how quickly I'm able to bring an idea to life now.

10/23/23 i think this was the first website that felt cohesive and actually good to me. i set it deliberately so i wouldn't have to worry about alignment too much. definitely a page i'd go back to.

the homepage for my first "enter" page ~

my first "enter" page that i had been wanting for so long, paired with a matching homepage...that i made literally yesterday, as of writing this lol. it is really cute but there's something overwhelming about it that i'm struggling with. idk maybe that's just me.

i remember being determined to ditch the boxy/border visual i'd had when i made this webpage. this is also again v2 of itself that i only have the code for. i wanted something that felt free and more natural. i still like this theme a lot, i just need to clean up some of the formatting so it actually blends nicer. one of the other issues i had with this page is realizing how ugly non-stylized scrollbars were on google chrome. i still haven't figured out the scrollbar styling but if/when i do, i'll definitely keep this theme in mind

my second homepage, i actually still really like this page design-wise. i think it's warm and moody, i might include it in my larger css/javascript theme switching goal to-do list. anyways i'd clearly just learned how to do border-radius and grids. i also added a lil webneko thing, which was my first foray into interacting with others in the old web community

: this was the layout i started with. i don't think that i coded it myself, i think i just adapted a layout i found on createblog (sorry i don't remember the link). i put a lot of work into making the colors cohesive because that was one of the few things i could control. and this isn't even the first way it looked, but i wasn't saving all of my changes in the beginning because there were a lot lol